Print allIn new windowDean Mitchell Museum Exhibition at MOAS Daytona Beach

The Museum of Arts & Sciences – Karshan Center of Graphic Art – Daytona, FL
Opens May 8, 2021 through September 12, 2021

Dean L. Mitchell was born in 1957 in Pennsylvania and reared in Quincy, Florida. A graduate of the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio, he has developed a style and vision in his body of work that shows the deep American South few have seen, and certainly, fewer have decided to record. While well known for his figurative works, landscapes and still life paintings, it is his haunting scenes of rundown barns, abandoned farmscapes, and small towns in the rural South that seem to capture a time long past and resonate within the nostalgic memories of all of us. For even city folk at one time in their lives have had a rural experience that left its mark. Dean Mitchell’s paintings – primarily in watercolor – remind us that this history belongs to all of us and these forgotten places have many stories to tell. Click Here to Visit the Museum Online

Please reach out to your art consultant to inquire about the available museum works.

For the last decade we have had the pleasure and honor of placing the art work of Dean Mitchell into hundreds of private and public collections. When we first met Dean he had already achieved much success in the museum world, as well as being highly decorated by art societies such as the National Watercolor Society, American Watercolor Society, and Portrait Society of America among many others. He has continued to expand his success in the museum world as he stays true to his voice as an artist.

The opening of the show at the Daytona Museum of Art and Science is the first of three major museum exhibitions for the 2021 calendar year that Dean has been selected to exhibit in. This collection consists of paintings from the artist’s personal collection, private collectors as well as works that are available for acquisition. Please contact your art consultant for more information on the available paintings or to learn more about visiting the museum.

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