Best in Show

Acrylic | 24″ x 18″ | $10,000 | by Jian Wu

Oil | 24″ x 30″ | $14,500 | by Neal Hughes

Oil | 28″ x 22″ | $3,000 | by Katherine Galbraith

Do you love art?  Do you marvel at it and the seemingly endless diversity across its many genres and disciplines? Most of us do, and rarely can one find a place and time when such art can be enjoyed, studied and yes… acquired!

Our November (2020) exhibition, “The Best of America”, is on our walls now.  Each of the 150 original oil & acrylic paintings from NOAPS (National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society) has gone through a rigorous juried competition process just to get a chance to be judged.  You can see them in St. Augustine or on our website at Get ready to scroll… dwell… and repeat… you’ll find something these amazing NOAPS artists have created for people… like you.  Note: try a virtual tour by clicking here

Something to Ponder

As you look over and study each “eyecatcher” we hope you’ll allow the artistic passion that emanate from the very core of all of the NOAPS membership to surround you in beauty, emotions (see “Her Dark Scarf” – Best in Show), the world’s diversity (see 1. “Sadhu at the Manikarnika Burning Ghat in Varanasi“) and the random yet pinpoint precision of the artist’s “eye” to speak to humanity… now and truly forever.  

There is so much to discover:  from magnificent landscapes (see 2. “Winter Shadows”) and seascapes (see 4. “Comes into the Light”) to Western scenes (see 3. “Respite”) to marine excitement (see 8. “Wild Horses Opera House Cup”)!  Still-life gems (see 5. “Transitions”) and figurative paintings (see 6. “Pandora”) join historic topics (see 7. “At the Gardens”) and cityscapes (such as “Chicago Nights”) in rewarding art collectors.  Others, like (9.) “Clams for Dinner”, evoke emotion in everyday life while 11. “Cicada Sunset” can be soothing yet stirring at the same time and is similar to 12. “Last Gleaming” which rewards the viewer with a composition to applaud art itself!

Discover other works which are stately (10. “Girl in a Gold Dress”), seasonal (13. “Early Morning”) and celebratory of life itself (see “Gold and Blue”)… so much to consider!  Do that in “Grand Bretagne Athens” (see 14.) or any of the Best of America original works of art.

Cutter & Cutter Fine Art awaits your call when you need to chat with our staff (veterans, likeable & knowledgeable) on your favorites.  You’ll love them!  Call 904-810-0460 .