Collecting the art of Timur Akhriev. 
by Len Cutter

As an art dealers, Sonya and I, can hang whatever we wish and yet, without ever discussing it we only live with those upon which we respond to mutually. And so it was during our first event with the Akhriev Family (on May, 17th 2019) we learned, via one of our clients, that we both loved Timur’s Blue No.1. Our client and friend had brought us together, among the buzz of a busy exhibition, and asked, “don’t you both love it?” (“yes and yes” we replied). She then became our art consultant, helping us that night to do what we had never done before…. We bought a major Timur Akhriev original! That masterpiece is now in our home and rightly so… We love it!

Blue No.1 | Oil on Linen | 60″ x 40″

Within the Blue No.1 are subtle intricacies that are continuously revealing themselves to us. It took me some time before spotting the single fishing boat resting perpendicular to the others (top left quadrant). Our Timur original is uniquely one-of-a-kind! Such is the pride of owning something original that belongs only to you. Timur’s hard-won knowledge and skill of painting is the connective magic distinguishing him as one of the greats. There is no one quite like him. – Len Cutter

The New – New York City – Series

by Timur Akhriev

“Timur exudes a professionalism that’s anchored in a mastery of technique and his understanding of what is beautiful as well as a dedication to creating striking paintings that are thought-provoking, pleasing and perfect.” – Len Cutter

Moody Day | Oil on Panel | 8″ x 24″

New York – “It was always my dream to paint in New York City. My idea was influenced by Russian painters who visited NYC in the 1930s during the World Fare. Those paintings were, and still are, so beautiful and magnetic to look at. The way the artists conveyed a very different looking New York City, with it’s Art Deco style buildings surrounded by smog and construction. Even after my recent challenging trip there, I look at those paintings done by the Russian artists eighty years ago, and I want to go back and paint more!” – Timur Akhriev

Being close to the ground connects Timur to sightlines, structural characteristics and colors that lead the artist to see the symphony of life at every turn, up close and personal.

Morning on Brooklyn Bridge | Oil on Panel | 22″ x 28″
Skyline at Midday | Oil on Panel | 18″ x 24″
Manhattan in the Morning | Oil on Panel | 9.8″ x 24″
Irving Place | Oil on Panel | 18″ x 24″
Manhattan in the Evening | Oil on Panel | 18″ x 24″
Park Ave & E 48th | Oil on Panel | 24″ x 18″

Timur exudes a profound respect for the act of painting and its purpose: the consummate professional, each canvas is a unique observation of life. We proudly invite you to look at each painting and find your favorites.

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