Josef Kote

Josef Kote (c. 2014) at Cutter & Cutter Fine Art.

Amongst our incredibly creative artists, Josef Kote remains among our most durable, innovative and sought-after by collectors of all ages and walks of life! Kotes originals and limited edition fine art prints are dazzling, unforgettable, adventurous and insightful… very hip and yes, even earth-shaking! The feedback in the gallery is always positive and Kote’s paintings often “fit the bill” for collectors who have been searching for “the one.”

Backstory and Feedback

In an appointment years ago the Cutter Family had assembled in our St. Augustine gallery’s private viewing room to consider a new artist. As the artist’s agent rolled out 10 large canvases on the floor (although it sounds crude, it is the most efficient method possible to view a large un-stretched new work of art…) the room fell silent. There they were, now out of their transport tube and an artistically arranged colorful explosion of fiery flair and career-changing cool lay in an array of compositional elegance and expertise. Each contrasting with its neighbor and together celebrating their unique differences, resonating and reflecting a diversity that can only come from one source… A living Master! There was style, substance, strength, and all had a fiercely obvious energy and passion.

What Happened Next?

The fastest “four for four” chorus followed the question, “What do you think?” Yes! Yes! Yes! and YES! It was a historic and instant decision… unlikely to be repeated. Which Cutter chimed in first? Was it Mark, Matthew, Sonya or Len? It doesn’t matter now, except to our collectors who know how much time we spend seeking out the very best. We were right then and we know we’re right now, Kote brings a message of joy, reverence, and wonder. Often his observations are of an artist who studies life at the shore, in the woods & fields, and even immersed within big city life; where his one and only style plays with light and shadow, making the ordinary… extraordinary! We invite (even implore) you to see, feel, and, just like all of us here at Cutter & Cutter Fine Art, enjoy the effect of Josef Kote’s endlessly creative heart and soul. 


the Cutter Family

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Spectacular New Arrivals

Serenity Now | Acrylic | 60″ x 96″

Josef Kote returns again and again to satisfying seascapes, drawing collectors to his painterly world of imaginative brush strokes and moving ministrations mirroring the ebb and flow of the tides in impressionistic details.  This time, however,… READ MORE

Wholeness | Acrylic | 48″ x 48″

A liquid-esque and pulsating sun hovers between cloudbank and ocean horizon, centralized and capturing the sense of a vast Wholeness.  We are in but a moment of existence, as random as the sand ground and deposited by the incoming waves, yet complete in connection with all that is.  Josef Kote continues… READ MORE