The “Glow” of Artist Dean Mitchell

Gypsy | Watercolor | 30″ x 22″

Here is an artist whose evolution in the arts has bestowed a vision that has lead to him painting a “glow” as if in a spiritual light of essence. Such insight and skill is a gift given to few artists and only those who have earned it! The ability to see the essence of a person, their passion and their pain… Old dilapidated buildings become personified in their struggle to survive. Youthfulness is elevated in the knowledge and experience of those elders who endured and adopted the struggle. That Dean Mitchell “glow” is cast upon all that he captures in watercolor, acrylic and oil. Mitchell finds the artistic essence in all that he chooses to record and share the story of.

See for Yourselves

Visit and take a few minutes to “click” and “scroll” through our list of available (and sold) watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings by Dean Mitchell. So, whether you skim through them quickly or take your time, it won’t matter, you will instantly see his “glow!” You are looking at an American phenomenon who is at the apogee among painters. He has earned every accolade and his stunning compositions will be with this world for hundreds of years. Here’s the best part: Dean Mitchell is a close friend of the Cutter Family and we have watched in wonder as his fame has bloomed… This will continue!

Do you see the “glow?” Good! That is, among other deeper purposes and outcomes, precisely what art collectors seek. Often not even being aware of that which has held them spellbound. The great artists of the world all have this trait… The “IT” factor. Miraculously “IT” is always a variable. “IT” happens in music, dance, sports & beyond. People can feel the “IT” factor and when they do everyone benefits. When excellent art is discovered by art lovers, then the “glow” of an artist like Dean Mitchell is furthered. Glowing for all who see it, to learn from it, and then suddenly the world is forever changed. It is true, art does that, and has done so for generation upon generation.

A Thrilling Moment for All Dean Mitchell Lovers!

Dean Mitchell | “No Way Out” | 24 x 30 in | c. 2003

The Columbus Museum of Art (Ohio) has formally accepted a very special patron donation of American Master Dean Mitchell’s “NO WAY OUT” from our client Mrs. Kathryn Flynn. Another major museum moment for Dean Mitchell and his collectors! This is a huge accomplishment and a perfect example of the arts continuing to flourish through the essential connections between artist, art collector and art dealer.

Dean was featured in the most recent issue of Western Art & Architecture magazine. In this eye-opening article, “An American Icon” written by Rose Fredrick, Dean discusses his career (and the challenges he faced as an African American artist) as well as the social issues that black artists face in the art world today.