Cutter & Cutter Fine Art Celebrates the Life and Art of Glass Artist Charles Lotton

The Quintessential Glass Artist…

This past November we were contacted by the Lotton Family with news that our dear friend and longtime gallery standout had passed away following recent medical challenges. Throughout those battles they had asked us to hold any client notifications until the time was right. Godspeed Charles and thank you for your solid demeanor and artistic innovations which will continue to amaze collectors, especially those who understand your eternal talent.

Charles once told me at a major show we had conducted for him that, “nobody is doing what I’m doing in glass.” (More on that story below.) He said it with such genuine confidence that I knew, at that moment, the legacy of Charles Lotton would endure the test of time. Lotton Art Glass is eternal and durable. Great glass is often passed from generation to generation as an heirloom. A timeless message of our tastes and passion to collect things of lasting beauty.

Remember, as you enjoy the work of Charles Lotton, his diversity, shapes, colors, and designs all began as a single gather of glass on a pontil rod. Charles caused every subtle and genius level of nuance to happen, when that glass was in it’s molton stage! The art world will applaud his diversity and his masterful message, now locked forever in time. We will never forget him! – Len Cutter

“No one is doing what I’m doing!”

Once, during one of Charles Lotton’s most memorable visits to our St. Augustine gallery I had a chance, amid the hubbub of a busy Lotton exhibition, to catch Charles Lotton taking a rare break to rest his knees on the couch in the very back of the gallery. My old knees need a breather too, so I asked Charles, “mind if I join you?” He said nothing, but motioned with the powerful arm of a glass artist to go ahead and take a seat next to him.

There we both sat, older and still confident in who we were (Artists and Art Dealer). “Good show” he said, “Great space you’ve got here Len, you’ve got a good team too!” “So do you Charles. I like to see the artists and their teams doing their best to help us sell the art.” I said. “Why wouldn’t they?” He added, with a quizzical grin. (The midwestern work ethic was part of his success and it was refreshing.) As our break ended, I asked him, after discussing other global glass blowers, “Who’s doing work like you?” With confidence he told me, “No one in the world is doing what I’m doing, Len!” I was not surprised to hear it… It made sense, it still does and it always will.

In Memory of Charles Lotton
b.1935 – d.2021
The Quintessential Glass Artist, Family Man and Dear Friend