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Shelter | Gouache | 21.3" x 29"

"This painting was done in memory of events that took place in the beginning of the 1990's in the place where I was born.  My family and I ended up in an area where an ethnic conflict flared up, and we were forced off our land. During the shelling we were hiding in our basement and waiting for the shooting to stop. Several years later I found this image. It resonated with me because I remember those events quite clearly and it reminded me how my family and I had to hide to save our lives. Not the lightest subject matter to paint, but I wanted to do for the memories of my people who did not survive."

– Timur Akhriev

Hope and fear are etched in the faces of three women in a most profound and stimulating work of art in gouache.  The sophistication here is comforting and somehow, as an art lover, humbling. The faces also reveal the stages of life and love as well comes to mind.  The young child in the arms of someone who understands the never guaranteed privilege of embracing a grandchild is brilliantly accentuated by the bright blonde hair that symbolizes hope itself. Are we at Ellis Island or some European city of yesteryear… it matters not.  This particular work of art tells artists, art lovers, collectors and yes, even critics, that, “here is an artist with supreme ability, passion and a heartfelt feeling for his life and the lives of all he may encounter.”

Note: How many generations do you see here? 

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Sometimes I don’t know what my paintings are about when I begin them. Exploration of the formal elements of a composition fascinate me and are often what reveals to me the conceptual impulse. Having lived through many contrasting formative experiences, I am, as if drawn by gravity, attracted to contrast in my paintings, to things that don’t “work” combined together in an image. I let my subconscious guide me towards a visual solution, using the skills I have acquired through the years.

Since childhood, my life was often nomadic and it had a fair share of contrast in it. When I was seven years old I ended up in a war zone which my family and I managed to escape. I grew up with my aunts and an uncle, but without my parents for most of my teens. After living in Russia for eighteen years I moved to the US and have been here ever since. What I paint today comes from my thoughts about my family's dynamics and these major, numerous relocations. I am aware of the contrast between being with one half of a family and then the other, and the contrast between life in a war zone and the total relief of life on the other side of the world.

My early career efforts were primarily objective observations of the world through still life and plein air painting. I am moving towards a more symbolic visual practice, but still using the vocabulary of Realism. 



Born in Vladikavkaz, the territory where Southern Russia meets Chechnya in 1983, Timur lived with his family until moving from the region during the conflict of 1991. After moving to St. Petersburg Timur began attending the St. Petersburg Iagonson Fine Art School at the age of twelve, where many of the professors studied at the Repin Academy of Fine Arts. 

After graduation in 2002, Timur immigrated to Chattanooga Tennessee. 

Timur attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga studying in the Fine Arts program. In 2005 to further his education he moved to Florence Italy to study at the Florence Academy of Art and Charles Cicel Studios of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture.

Today, Timur, splits his time between the US and Europe. 


Select Exhibitions

The Vendue: Glow, 2019

Florence Academy of Art, 2018

Oil Painters Of America: National Show, 2018

Oil Painters of America: National Show, 2016

Oil Painters of America: Juried Salon Show, 2015

Albuquerque Museum, NM: "Miniatures and More"2014

Repin Academy of Fine Art: Contemporary Realism, 2014

Juried Exhibition, Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art, 2011

Oil Painters of America: National Competition, 2010

Association for Visual Arts, Chattanooga TN

Oil Painters of America: National Competition, 2009

Hunter Museum of American Art, Chattanooga TN



Oil Painters of America National Show, Award of Excellence, Portraiture, 2016.

Plein Air Salon Bimonthly Competition, First Place, 2016

Oil Painters of America Spring Showcase ,Award of Excellence Cityscapes, 2015.

Plein Air Salon Bimonthly Competition, First Place, 2016

Plein Air Bimonthly Competition Second Place, 2014

Association for Visual Arts, Solo Show Winner, 2011

Oil Painters of America, Eastern Regional Competition, Silver Medal, Landscapes, 2010.

University of Tennessee in Chattanooga Juried Student Exhibition ,Best in Show, 2005