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Breeze | Oil | 36" x 24"

A beautiful contrast of yin-yang elements are found throughout this stunning example by Tang Wei Min of accelerating light around a sophisticated figure’s persona.  Notice the soft pinks & free flowing outer coat of the figure are balanced by the strong straight lines and stand collar of the dark gown underneath.  Further examples are found in the background, between two sheets of paper: one with a character vs one without.  In the hand of a master artist such as Tang, this delicate balance of light & dark, subtle vs profound, is evidence of the complexities rendered through talented technique. Click our framed collection and enjoy the total significance of this great living master wherein his genius can be studied & enjoyed in totality…forever.

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Nicole Wolff
Gallery Director

Tang Wei Min believes in romanticism. Using light and composition inspired by past masters, along with the perspective of classical painting, he creates silent portraits full of drama. A beautiful girl in exotic costume, striking Tibetan jewels, different from common portraits, his muse is a fantasy of perfection in the spiritual realm.

Tang Wei Min fell in love with the Western oil painting tradition because of Rembrandt. Ever since early childhood he copied his works, he adores his ability to light his subjects, to distinguish the more important details from the less important and to portray the inner thoughts of his models. Tang Wei Min has combined Western Art traditions with an Eastern philosophy. The coexistence of roughness and gentleness in the world, great intentions and cruel realty, wonderful thoughts and imminent death; this is the essence of his philosophy.