Night Games (Lucky Hop)
Night Games (Lucky Hop) night-games-lucky-hop-14420-1

Night Games (Lucky Hop)

Night Games | 53" x 53" | Designed by Artist Melissa Hefferlin | 100% Silk

Nicole Wolff
Gallery Director

Serithea is brought to you by Melissa Hefferlin and Daud Akhriev. 

We met pursuing an education at the historic Russian Academy of Fine Art in Saint Petersburg (the Soviet Union's "Leningrad" at that time) at the end of the Cold War. Melissa hailed from the mountains of Tennessee, Daud from the Caucasus Mountains of Southern Russia. A passion to make art brought us together from disparate parts of the globe, and for thirty years we have been (and continue to be) professional fine artists, dividing our time between Andalusia, Spain and Tennessee, USA. 2016 sent us a hunger to make art wearable.

Lovers of rugs, scarves and textiles of all kinds, Daud's family mourns beloved heirlooms lost in the wars after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Melissa's people include architects, quilters, seamstresses and women who lovingly pass down a pair of foreign earrings, a grandmother's Hermes scarf, a fine pair of brogues.

We, too, want to create heirlooms to be worn against the skin. We hope that your life and the lives of those you love are enriched by Serithea's offerings.