Salvador Dali  Imaginations and Objects of the Future Suite

Cyclopean Make-Up

Cyclopean Make-Up
SIZE: 30 x 22″
MEDIUM: Mixed Media
EDITION: #144/250

The Imaginations and Objects of the Future series was born of the concerted effort of a Chicago-based gallerist to convince Dalí to do a set of prints about the future. It was proposed on three separate occasions over a period of years before Dalí agreed to the undertaking. The art critic Alan Artner wrote in the Chicago Tribune wrote that Dalí seemed to reference the Old Masters within his works. Additionally he noted that this series, “Imaginations and Objects of the Future”, shows an overwhelming influence of Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketchbooks. The works also displays Dalí’s interests in technology, life, death, nuclear warfare, and his artistic legacy.

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Nicole Wolff
Gallery Director