A Master of All Mediums… Daud Akhriev.

original oil painting by Daud Akhriev
His World | Oil on Linen | 7 x 14 ft | Watch Daud discuss this monumental work. CLICK HERE


Have you ever made a discovery that pleased you immensely “in-the-moment”, and now continues to please you?  Perhaps it was an unknown boutique or restaurant that has now become a weekly or daily essential. Maybe you discovered love, (lucky ones find it twice in one lifetime!)  Now comes Fine Art’s turn… The Cutter Family discovered ART two decades ago and we now live Fine Art… together! It is our labor of love. Our galleries are ready and waiting to be discovered, even our devoted veteran collectors discover something new with every visit. The gallery is an ever-changing landscape and with each new painting there is something new to explore.

Once in a while the SHOOTING STAR of SERENDIPITY introduces an artist and dealer to destiny! This is what happened to us when Daud Akhriev was one of the Masters who came to Saint Augustine for our OPA (Oil Painters of America) exhibition a few years ago.  When personalities merge and match, along with purpose, professionalism and a passion for the arts… the world is sure to benefit from their energetic fusion.


Daud Akhriev

With a biography to equal any great artists and a work ethic/skill level that is the bedrock of his artistry, Cutter & Cutter Fine Art is proud and confident to, in a deeper way, introduce our art loving clients to a chance to understand why we are so totally committed to his work… in all of its magnificent splendor and diversity! Akhriev, who has enthusiastically cultivated all skills and styles, is an artist who works in mosaic, oil, water media, cast bronze sculpture and ceramics. He is also comfortable working in decorative styles, designing fabrics and patterns… Truly, A Master of ALL Mediums!

Daud Akhriev was born in the former Soviet Union in 1959.  He studied classical painting and drawing for 14 years, graduating with honors from the Repin Institute (Russian Academy of Fine Art) with a masters degree in fine art, under the tutelage of the late painter and Academic, Piotr Fomin.  In 1991 he emigrated to Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Akhriev, now a U.S. citizen, shares his time between Andalusia, Spain and Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife, Melissa, and son Timur… also both artists.

Akhriev is internationally sought after as an instructor for figure and landscape painting and for his monumental work. The Four Seasons, his four 9 foot bronze figures completed for the city of Chattanooga, are listed on the national Public Art Registry. Additional public art includes the Erlanger Chapel Mosaic and the Baylor School Mosaic, as well as murals at the Collegedale Seventh-Day Adventist Church and St. Peter’s Episcopal.

Daud Akhriev, Stylistic Pluralism was published in 2002 by Common Place publishing.  He is also featured in Traditions Rediscovered, the Finley Collection of Russian Art.  Akhriev’s drawings are in several books about the Repin Institute, both in Russian language and in Chinese, and in numerous magazines such as Artists Magazine, Pastel Journal,  Island Journal, Chattanooga Magazine, Southern Living and American Art Collector.

CLICK HERE to read Daud’s recent article in Pastel Journal.

Awards and Recognition

Pastel Journal, Feature article, August 2020, USA 2019
5th Bienal Internacional de Pintura Al Pastel, Hahnemuhle Award, Spain 2020
Oil Painters of America Annual Juried Exhibition, Master Signature Gold Medal, USA 2019
Oil Painters of America Virtuosos Exhibition Award of Excellence, USA 2018
Oil Painters of America Annual Juried Exhibition, Most Original Master Signature Division, Award of Excellence, USA 2018
Spanish Pastel Biennial, Rembrandt Award, Oviedo, Spain 2018
Most Imaginative Painting, Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition, Steamboat Springs Museum of Art, Colorado 2018
Pastel 100, Pastel Journal, 2018
Pastel 100, Pastel Journal, 2017
Master Signature Status, Oil Painters of America, 2016
Silver Medal Winner, Oil Painters of American National Juried Exhibition, 2016
Grand Prize, Plein Air Magazine, Spring Competition 2016
Silver Prize, Plein Air Magazine, Spring Competition, 2016
Grand Prize, Pastel Journal 100, 2015
Second Portrait Prize, Pastel Journal 100, 2015
Finalist, Salon 2015 ARC, Figurative Work
Ten Best Mosaics 2015 (one of), Society of American Mosaic Artists, 2015
Winning Team, Erlanger Hospital Chapel Redesign competition, 2014-15 (with HK Architects)
Featured Artist, Hunter Museum Invitational Biennial Exhibition II, 2010
National Registry of Public Art for the Four Seasons Chattanooga TN 2009
Best Still Life, Salon International, Greenhouse Gallery, 2008
Best Still Life and Second Place Overall, National Juried Show, Oil Painters of America 2006
Feature Article, Artists Magazine, Feb 2006

“… You could also say that the artist’s subject is light: we can almost feel the heat of the sun. We nearly squint at its intensity.”  – Tamera Lenz Muente, Assistant Curator, Cincinnati Museum of Art, in Pastel Journal


Discover for yourself the magic of a living genius, AKHRIEV.  Visit www.cutterandcutter.com and spend time seeing the diversity of Daud’s many mediums as well as his methods and messages on life.  He studies his world and tells us about it!  Also click on his videos (they’re not long).  Each lets you feel his nature and persona.  We see it as strong yet subtle, calm yet ebullient and frankly that of a genius who has that lovable nature of… the everyday man.  Not aloft but humble… and yet, there is this incredible body of work that is of world-wide importance and significance. Go online… study if you wish, and maybe discover your own Akhriev!


Okay, you’ve seen the work… you found something… now what?  Discover our fabulous team of Art Consultants (Nicole Wolf, Samantha Palmer, Mary-Kate McClure, Kylie Trundle, Lara Burau and Maggie O’Connor) who will provide the matching and final Proof of Concept that Artist, Dealer and Art Lovers, who engage with one another in a beautiful bond connecting creativity with the human spirit’s need to express and enjoy the very joy of being alive.


Now, approaching a quarter century as an art dealer, Cutter & Cutter Fine Art stands tall and is proud to have earned and made true art collectors, across the land and beyond!  There now exists… a mutual admiration society and friendships that last… and are cherished.

Interestingly, Covid-19 has not been a barrier to art acquisitions!  In fact, it’s been a pleasant surprise to see collectors turning their eyes toward their walls… and discovering plenty of potential placements! Artists like Daud Akhriev can bring those walls (stairways, halls, entry foyer, fireplace, couch area, etc, etc, etc) to vivid and stunning life.  You’re going to love the way they transform your home and your life!

Artistically yours,

The Cutter Family

2021 Exhibition

Artists Appearance, Exhibition & Sale

January 22 & 23, 2021

We will welcome the entire Akhriev Family: Daud, his wife Melissa, and their son Timur. All three are amazing artists, each with a unique voice and style. Don’t miss this event and an opportunity to spend time with this wonderful family of artists! CHECK OUT this interview with the Akhriev family… CLICK HERE FOR PART ONE  | HERE FOR PART TWO.