Robert Lagestee Art Glass

Grinch Green Crown Vase

Grinch Green Crown Vase with Orange Triple Heart Blossoms | Hand Blown Art Glass | R-175

Bright “Grinch Green” complimented by vivid orange, this is a vase with a lot of personality. We love seeing new creations from Robert… he is innovative and imaginative in his craft. We look forward to this vase finding it’s new home. This vase is so good it feels as if it belongs in your garden but we recommend… in your home.

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Nicole Wolff
Gallery Director

Robert is the grandson of the late Charles Lotton (1935-2021) and now the third generation of glass blowers in the Lotton Family...

Robert Lagestee was born into the artistic Lotton family in 1991. He was always surrounded by the beautiful glass of his grandfather Charles Lotton and as a young child he would visit his grandfather's glass studio to watch him create. In 2005 Robert made a few pieces of glass in his grandpa's studio and although naturally talented in glass blowing, Robert decided to work with his father in the family grocery store. Years later, in November of 2015, he returned to his passion and started working with and assisting his grandfather. Charles could clearly see Robert's desire to become a professional glass artist and began to teach him. Robert was like a sponge, soaking up the knowledge his grandfather passed along to him.