Salvador Dali - Salvador Dali  Imaginations and Objects of the Future Suite

Cybernetic Lobster Telephone

Cybernetic Lobster Telephone
Mixed Media Lithograph
30″ x 22″
From the Imaginations and Objects of the Future Suite
Published in 1975


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Nicole Wolff
Gallery Director

Salvador Dalí was born on May 11, 1904, in Figueres, Spain. From an early age Dalí was encouraged to practice his art, and he would eventually go on to study at an academy in Madrid. In the 1920s, he went to Paris and began interacting with artists such as Picasso, Magritte and Miró, which led to Dalí's first Surrealist phase. He is perhaps best known for his 1931 painting The Persistence of Memory, showing melting clocks in a landscape setting. Dalí died in Figueres in 1989.