Along the Shoreline

Along the Shoreline


Along the Shoreline | 15" x 15" | Oil


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Nicole Wolff
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Anne Packard has brought to her work an instinct and skill drawn from a deep family well of American and European painters. A third generation Provincetown painter, she is a bona fide Cape Cod artist. Her grandfather, Max Bohm, was a leading turn of the century impressionist painter, who in 1916 came to Provincetown with many European and American artists. Her grandmother, great-aunt, uncle and mother were also respected painters. The painting tradition runs strong in her family and continues with her children. Born and raised in Hyde Park, NJ, Anne spent summers as a child in Provincetown. She moved here year round in 1977 after raising her 5 children. A self-taught artist, initially her art was created on wood panels and weathered shingles. She studied with the late Phil Malcoat and Anne Packard has painted the Outer Cape area for over 30 years.