Monaco - Monte Carlo
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Monaco – Monte Carlo

Monaco – Monte Carlo, for P.L.M. Railway Services – Stone Lithograph, c.1897, 43.5" x 30"

In this poster for luxurious holidays on the Mediterranean coast, Mucha combines realistic figurative elements with highly stylised decoration. The figure at the centre of the poster holds her hands to her face in wonder against a backdrop of a blue sea and mountainous coastline. Around her body sits an elaborate floral pattern composed of curving stalks of lilac, hydrangea, dianthus and violet. In the background, Mucha includes the distinctive towers of Monte Carlo's famous casino.

Printer: F. Champenois, Paris

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Nicole Wolff
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Mucha was famous for his commercial posters, which had a wide audience, but he also worked in a variety of other media, including furniture, jewelry, and theatrical sets. He mostly worked in Vienna and Paris but was also in Chicago, where he taught at the Art Institute, from 1904 to 1910. There, he introduced his interpretation of the "new art" to a United States audience. The densely patterned posters epitomize the Art Nouveau interest in natural forms, decoration, and a rejection of the anonymity of mechanical production.