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Cutter & Cutter Fine Art has gallery locations in two of Northeast Florida's most beautiful destinations; St. Augustine & Ponte Vedra Beach. In St. Augustine you will find us directly on the “Plaza de la Constitución” in the heart of historic downtown and in Ponte Vedra Beach we are located in the prestigious shops of Sawgrass Village. The firm also operates a full-service frame shop and a secure warehouse (with in-house shipping department). The galleries offer originals, sculpture and limited edition fine art from various genres including; Cityscapes, Figurative, Landscapes, Marine, Master Prints, Portraits and Still Life. With years of experience in the world of fine art, Cutter & Cutter specializes in representing the finest contemporary artists as well as past masters.

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Our highly trained staff of art consultants strives to build long-term relationships with each client that walks through the gallery doors, ensuring that the experience of purchasing from Cutter and Cutter is memorable and enjoyable. In addition to ongoing and ever-changing exhibitions, numerous artist receptions and special events are held throughout the year. At these events, collectors have the unique opportunity to meet today's top artists in an enjoyable and approachable atmosphere, and the artists are able to exhibit a wide breadth of their work to a receptive and appreciative audience.

We are dedicated to helping our art-collecting patrons realize their goals. Through providing insight about the artists we represent and their work, we help beginning collectors develop sound collecting strategies that reflect their personal interests and aesthetic sensibilities. With established collectors, we work to help refine their collections and assist in finding ways to integrate new work into their existing environments. Other services include home installations, custom framing and advice on lighting, placement, and installation (We have several experts on staff).

History has shown, when collectors bought art they loved, their investment is paid back many times over, if it happens to increase in value, that’s a further benefit. Investment shouldn’t be the primary purpose of collecting, even though an artist’s established market is important to consider. Surrounding yourself with artwork is an enriching and intimate experience. Your collection should reflect segments of your personality and we want to help you acquire new works of art that will bring you a lifetime of pleasure.

If you’re not sure how a particular artwork will feel in your home, please inquire about an in home viewing. Ask us about installation ideas and assistance, as an experienced gallery, we have installed hundreds of works in a range of locations. For an appointment to discuss your art needs or for additional information about the artists we represent, current and past exhibitions, or to be added to our email/call list for updates and upcoming events call us, we will be happy to help!