Tang Wei Min - Looking Forward
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Looking Forward

Looking Forward | 16″ x 12″ | sketch

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A three times finalist of international portrait competitions in the US, Canada and China. Winner of the Exceptional Merit Award by the Portrait Society of America. Honorable Mention in the Art Renewal Centers International ARC Salon. Winner (2nd place) of the International Child Portrait Competition. Winner of the Charles B.Wang competition in China.

Tang Wei Min was born in 1971 in YongZhou, Hunan Province. In 1991 he graduated from the Art Department of Hunan Standard College, where he had majored in Oil Painting. Since that time he has worked as a professional oil painter. In 2001, Wei Min was accepted into a graduate study program of Oil Painting in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. In the same year his painting "Girl with fan" was sponsored by the school for the prestigious scholarship named after "Charles B.Wang". The painting received the second prize at the exhibition and Wei Min received the scholarship. This work, now in a private collection, was also selected for the May 2001 issue of "Chinese Oil Painting ".

His painting "Summer Dream" was displayed in the "China Oil Portray" exhibition. Yet another Tang's work "Peeping" was shown at the Present-day Oil Painting exhibition in the Hunan Province. In 2003 The Beijing Museum of Fine Art exhibited and purchased his painting. Tang is a practicing Zen Buddhist and his work full of symbols of Buddhism.

Currently, Tang lives in a monastery near his hometown, in order to be spiritually clean for painting and to be surrounded by the objects he depicts in his art, including the world of ancient China. Tang considers the art of painting as his way to bring harmony, balance and beauty to the world.