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Driftwood – Norfolk Island Pine Vase

Driftwood- Norfolk Island Pine Vase with Driftwood Base | 7.5″ x 7″ x 7″ | #426

Norfolk Island Pine – Large vase on drift wood.

This piece is one of a series I am making with the goal of incorporating natural items as part of my woodturning form. When I turned this piece I made the bottom round because I had a specific idea for how I wanted to mount it. Unfortunately, when I mounted it according to my plan I didn’t like the way it looked so I needed a different idea. Later that week my wife and I were walking on the beach and she picked up two small pieces of driftwood. We knew immediately that we had found the solution. The brown eyes on the side of the vessel are where the branches of the tree were. Where the branch left a void in the wood I filled the area with ground up turquoise and garnet stone.

This piece of wood came from the Tampa area and was given to me by a friend.

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All my bowls and vessels are made from recycled wood. This is wood from a tree that was cut down by a homeowner for safety reasons, by a builder in order to facilitate construction of a new home or was blown down by Mother Nature. This wood would have ended up in the city landfill or someone’s fireplace. Much of my wood I find on the side of the road waiting for the trash pickup.

None of my bowls are perfect because they were made from imperfect wood by imperfect hands however, I make up for their imperfection by adding a little magic to each one. Beyond their beautiful appearance, each of my bowls/vessels has the added benefit of being able to hold your worries and fears. So by placing your worries and fears in your bowl, you are better able to focus on the blessings in life.

I hope you enjoy your bowl as much as I did in making it for you.

Mark Wood