Ramon Vilanova Summer 2022 Collection

Ramon Vilanova Summer 2022 Collection

25 King Street, St. Augustine, FL, USA

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A new collection of paintings from Ramon Vilanova for Summer 2022.

In 1841, with the invention of oil paints pre-mixed in tubes, for the first time, artists could break away from the confines of the studio and venture outdoors! Why leave the comfort of the studio? The answer is simple, it allowed artists to paint what they saw, as they saw it. It allowed them to capture atmosphere, light conditions, and most importantly, mood & energy, giving the viewer an impression of a moment in time!

Ramon Vilanova is an artist who follows in this tradition. He always paints on location, “en plein air” and has taken this technique to remarkable levels. He is not afraid to take a large canvas outside, which can be like a sail in the wind. He chooses not to use brushes. Instead, he uses a palette knife, allowing him to apply paint quickly, capturing fleeting moments of beauty. He views his work like a writer, but not of novels... more like poems. When you read his titles we see just how poetic this artist is. He captures the very essence of a moment in time, from his perspective, and then it is up to the viewer to finish the painting through their experience and emotion.

The new Summer collection will be available and on view beginning Friday, July 29th.

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Ramon Vilanova

Ramon Vilanova

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