Thomas Arvid Limited Edition

Sign Me Up

“Sign Me Up” | 43″ x 15.8″ | Ltd. Edition Giclee | Edition of 375 SN & 85 AP

Using a deceptively simple composition, Thomas Arvid once again
elevates an everyday moment into a vivid memory with “Sign Me Up.”
Without any formal presentation, the arrangement of glass, wood
and steel creates a balance of texture and positive and negative
space that beguiles the viewer to enter the scene and linger there.
We have experienced this casual moment before, but Arvid invites
us to step in and visually explore it. The deep red and soft wax
capsule contrast with the cool blue of the background and the
reflective crystal vies with the warm wood; even the lettering on the
bottles is an exploration of contrast between the sharp lines and
curving script. We are so engrossed in the scene that we call “Sign
Me Up.”

Arvid has a knack for distilling a moment into a lasting impression.
He lives his life the way he creates his compositions: with a passion
for crafting a moment without pretense. Despite the demands of his
busy career and active family, he manages to slow down and savor
each moment in a way that creates a lasting memory and endears
him to all he encounters. In Arvid world, every day offers an
opportunity to craft a masterpiece, in life and on canvas.

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Nicole Wolff
Gallery Director

Thomas Arvid possesses an unerring ability to refine a moment. In doing so he captures our wonder and has become an art world phenomenon. Art Business News (May 2003) credits him with "launching a major art trend…" with his oversized still life compositions of wine and the rituals surrounding its consumption. Arvid's images astound viewers with their intricate details and his mastery of light, depth and reflection.

The magic of his painting is in Thomas Arvid's ability to visualize and chronicle an entire scene beyond the frame – to tell a story of enjoyment and the good life – using lush color and adroit composition. Thomas Arvid is passionate about art and wine, a collector of both, he strives to capture the pleasure of a life well lived on each canvas. An Atlanta resident and fresh-faced father of two toddlers, the self-taught artist insists that wine should be approachable; his paintings are an embodiment of the casual way that we enjoy wine today. He is an appealing role model for a lifestyle of easy elegance and unpretentious charm.

Arvid's approach to wine and painting is not surprising, given his background as a Detroit native raised to parlay his inherent artistic talent into a secure job in the industrial complex. Instead, Arvid made the leap into pursuing his art as a career, and with the support of his art historian girlfriend and inspiration garnered during a backpacking trip through Europe, he began painting full time.

Drawn to wine by his focus on the color red, Thomas Arvid knew he had discovered something when his paintings featuring red wine were being purchased before they were even finished. Arvid himself has been awed by the response to his work, "Wine is a great subject because people are familiar with it; they really connect to it. My paintings speak to the special moments that people share when they share wine – it's amazing that my collectors find a personal fulfillment in my work, especially when I'm just doing what I love."

The aura surrounding Arvid's work is palpable. His international appeal has created such demand that his work is represented by over 50 elite art galleries in the US, Canada, and Japan, and collectors are willing to wait years for one of his originals. Influential wineries such as Silver Oak Cellars, and Diamond Creek Winery collect Arvids because he translates the craftsmanship of wine to canvas. Doug Shafer, of Shafer Family Vineyards, likens Arvid's skill to that of a winemaker, "Arvid's style is big and bold, with enough selected detail and softness to create a sense of balance. . . this blend of elements is precisely what winemakers hope to bring to their top vintages.

Today, Thomas Arvid and his wife, Vanessa, head Thomas Arvid Fine Art, Inc. one of the most successful boutique art publishing companies in the country. Founded in 2000, the company distributes Arvid's limited editions and originals across the country and the world, and will release in November 2004 a retrospective of Arvid's work. "Arvid: Redefining the Modern Still Life" traces the development of Arvid's style from its beginnings a decade ago to the lifestyle it is today. The book is a fitting chronicle to illustrate one of Arvid's favorite phrases, "Life without art is like dinner without wine. Why bother?"