Sunflowers in Blue & White Teapot

Sunflowers in Blue & White Teapot


Sunflowers in Blue & White Teapot | 11″ x 14″ | Oil

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Nicole Wolff
Gallery Director

Perhaps Mary's journey to the artistic world she is now a part of began, not as some artists that were encouraged by family to pursue training in art school, but by having a personal longing for beauty at a young age.  Growing up in Minneapolis, Mn., Mary spent much time in nature where colors and textures became a tangible and integral part of her world.  Music was also part of her experience growing up in her family home, and Mary tried many musical instruments. But it was years later when the personal need for art in her own home gave her the incentive to try her hand in painting.  Once taking up the brush, seeing and feeling the paint express images on the canvas, she was hooked into a new artistic expression that conveyed her quest for beauty.

Mary's beautiful still lifes evoke rhythm and a strong sense of balance.  She paints directly from life, setting up the composition in her studio from the many objects she has collected throughout the years.  Mary owes much to the artists she has studied with, including Laura Robb, Ron Rencher, and Robert A. Johnson. And to the many artists both living and deceased which give her the inspiration to express the talent that God has gifted to her.