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Springtime | Modal/Cashmere Blend

Nicole Wolff
Gallery Director

As a young girl, the beauty of the world was amazing to me. My first painting was composed of a lighthouse on the water in the golden afternoon sun. The warmth of the ochre tone was delicious and I ate it up; the palette was my plate.

After I graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I moved to France to paint in plein air. From volcanoes to castles, I traveled in my furnished car, stocked with art supplies and clothing for each season, on the mission of capturing the most captivating landscapes on canvas. For the past 10 years, I have been living on the Mediterranean, painting either from my terrace or on the street, finding unique trees as my subject. An onlooker of my painting outdoors in Monaco suggested that I start printing my paintings onto supports including porcelain and pillows. This was the spark for the creation of my scarf and clothing company branded Dena Lyons.

Dena Lyons currently sells to 50 boutiques around the country and a few in Europe as well. The company creates luxuriant, playful and sophisticated clothing to bring color and inspiration to daily life. I have personally visited every boutique that I sell to and continue to travel creating wonderful relationships with boutiques and clients. For six months each year I am in France painting, and the other half of the year I am traveling around the United States promoting my brand.