And There Was Light

Such a Dreamer

Autumnal Sunshine

Beautiful Surprise

Blew My Mind

Crystal Whisper

Find Eternity In Each Moment

Focus to See the Light

Follow Your Bliss

Forever Dreamin'

Glory of Expression

Like a Song

Movement from Darkness to Light

New Adventure

Rise Up

Standing in the Way of the Light

Summer Love

Sunday's Best

There is a Light from Within

Time to Reflect

Where the Skies are Blue

Center and Broom Street

Feel the Moment


NYC Manhattan Streets

Once Again Autumn

Prosperous Voyage

On the Way Home

Mystical Moment

Gentle Breeze

Broad Street at the Exchange NYC


Sounds of Waves

In the Open Air

Silent Delight


Caressed by the Wind

Mystic Journey

Running Free

Shining Through the Trees

Looking for the Summer

Listen to the Waves

View From Spruce Street

Embracing the Wind

Blaze of Lights

Catching the Light

Friends Along the Way


In Harmony, Woolworth Building, NYC


Natural Exuberance

Peaceful Solitude

Special Light


Standing in the Light


It's Been So Long

Broadway and Vesey Street NYC

Almost a Whisper

Beautiful Light





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