Sold Archives
Sold Archives

African String Instrument, Spoon and Jug

Antique Pot

Bourbon Street Doors


Dreaming Through the Blue

Aging Barn II

Aging Barn

American Indian

Brown Sugar Gypsy

Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldier

Colorado Pine



Guadalupe Church

Gulf Water Blues

Quarter Sunlight

Rustic Plains

Rusty Blue

Springtime in the Quarter

Sunlit Barn

Tony on Sax

Under the Oak

Winter Barns II

Winter Road

Florida Cypress Trees

Barn Silos

Panhandle Cypress

Pristine Barn

Bay County Dock

Fisherman's Boat

Tobacco Barns

Under the Moss

Florida Cypress


Maricopa County Relic

Winter Farmlands

The Dora Mae

T.J. with Alzheimers





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